Medical System Description Modality

Ziehm Vision FD

2009 Model. Flat-Panel Digital Detector. Touchscreen, 1.5K — 1.5K High Resolution Detector, Large C-arm Opening and 165-Degrees of Orbital Rotation. Available now.


GE LightSpeed 16

2002-2003 Model. 16 Slice Scanner with Xtreme Console. Refurbished X-ray Tube installed in 2014. Options include VolumeViewer, SmartScore Pro, Connect Pro, Smart Prep, Smart Speed, Helical Tilt, CardIQ SnapShot, VariViewer, AutomA, Power440, 3000 Image Series, Direct 3D, Still Installed. Call For More Details. Available Now.

CT Scanner

GE Lightspeed Ultra 8

Advantage LightSpeed Ultra delivers 8 slices per rotation, providing 16 slices per second, 8 Slices per rotation X 1.25mm, NEW 6.3 mHu X-ray Tube (March 2006), 53kW Generator, 440 mA Capability, Auto Dose Management Software, 0.5 second Scan Speed, Linux Console w/Xtream Reconstruction Engine at 6 frames per second, Two (2) 21″ High-Resolution Color Monitors, SmartPrep Contrast Monitoring Software, Direct 3D, VolumeAnalysis software, MIP, MIN, MPR, MPVR software, CD Burner, DICOM-print module, AVNET Global Insite modem, HIS/RIS software (worklist), Perfusion-2 software, Advanced Vessel Analysis software, WITH ADVANTAGE WINDOWS WORKSTATION 4.0 with Two (2) 18″ flat-screen monitors. Photos Available.

CT Scanner

Philips Brilliance 16

2005 Model. Current X-Ray Tube Replaced Mid-2012. Software Version, Extended Workspace, Display Monitors, Injector Monitor 2 Desks, System Computer, Reconstruction and Phase Array Box. Available now.

CT Scanner

Philips Brilliance 16 Slice

2004 Model. With 2012 Akron-Q X-Ray Tube. SLAB Viewer, MPR, Bolus Timing, Contrast Injection Bolus Timing, Custom Image Filters, Q/CTA, Report Viewer, Combine Images, SSD 3D, Volume Rendering, MIP, Off Line Recon. Water Cooled System. Available Now,

CT Scanner

Philips Brilliance 64

2007 Model, 64-Slice System. Low Use Scanner with MRC 800 X-ray Tube with less than 250,000 Scan Seconds. Software Version V3.5.0.2250, LV/RV Analysis, Test Injection, MPR, SSD 3D, MIP, Q-CTAAVA, Comp Cardio, Cardiac CTA, Heart Beat CS. Available Now.

CT Scanner

Philips Secura

2001 Model. Secura Single Slice CT. Gantry Revolutions 2MM, with 2008 MRC 203 Tube with 220K Slices. Sun System Workstation, Software RIE V 1.5, All Manuals, Phantoms and Accessories Included.

CT Scanner

Siemens Emotion 6 Slice

2004 Model. Current X-Ray Tube replaced 2010. Software Syngo Sonomaris/5 Syngo CT 2006A, Emotion 6 VB20B, GET WORKLIST, CAP 3D Filter SSD, CP 3D Filter MIP, CAP 3D Main, CAP 3D Voimode, CARE DOSE, Syngo General LIC, Extended Spiral, RTD. Available now.

CT Scanner

Siemens Somatom Emotion 16

Manufactured 2007, First Installed 2008, Somatom Emotion 16 Slice, Operator’s Console, Software Version VB38B, Scan Times 0.6, 1.0, 1.5 Seconds, High Frequency, Gantry Slice Count ONLY 334K Scan Seconds. NEW X-ray Tube in 2011 with only 163K Scan Seconds, DVD, Manuals, System Phantoms. Available Now.

CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquillion 16

2010 Model. 16-Slice scanner. 70cm Field of View. Bore Width 90cm, 7.5MHU X-ray Tube, Operator’s Console, Software Revision Level: V3.38ER005, 85kW Generator, 3D Viewer, Multi-Slice CT, DCM CDR, D PRT BW. D PRT Color, Multiview, Print SCU, QDSCAN, QR SCP, STRG SCU, TIFF, TSB DVD, WINPRT, DIM EXP, D PRT BW, D PRT Color, Mulitview, MWM SCU, Print SCU, Realec, Real Prep, Real View, Respiration, Resprecon, STRG SCU, TCA. Available now.

CT Scanner

IDS PC-1000

Panoramic X-Ray Machine, Refurbished from Factory. Inscribed lines and an angled mirror aid in accurately establishing the Frankfort plane and the mid-sagittal plane. In addition, the numbered temple supports allow accurate measurement of skull density for proper kVp settings, eliminating the guess work typical in panoramic radiography. Comes with One film cassette, one set of Kodak Lanexª intensifying screens, 50 disposable bite blocks. Focal Spot 1 mm x 1 mm, Focal Trough Anterior Region – 7mm, Posterior Region – 20mm, Rated kVp 70-90, Tube Current 6 mA, Power requirements 115 VAC, 20 amp. dedicated, Exposure time 12 seconds. Film size 6″ x 12″, Weight 485 lbs., Maximum Height 92-Inches. Available Now.



2012 Model Dual-Syringe MR Injector. Accessories: Patient Handswitch, Heater, Stand.


GE Senographe 2000D

2004 Model. Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM). Xray Tube Replaced 2012, Under GE Service, Premium View, Glass Shield, Mag Stand, Standard Assortment of Paddies, Available Now.


Hologic Selenia

Full-Field Digital Mammo, Operator’s Console, Diamond HLX 2.0.4 Level, 24×30 Digital Detector, Latest Software Acquistion Revision (Level 3-1-1-10), Latest AEC Upgrade, Phototiming, Auto Timer feature for warm-up and shut down, Software and Manuals, Paddles Include: small regular, large regular, large spot rectangle, small spot round, large mag rectangle, small mag rectangle. Available Now.


Hologic Selenia

2011 System. Low-Usage. Full-Field Digital Mamography System with 24 x 29cm Effective Imaging Area, High Speed X-Ray Tube-Mo and Rh Filters, 0.1mm and 0.3 mm Focal Spot Size, +195° to -150° Gantry C-Arm Rotation, Dual Compression Mechanism, Dual Function Footswitches (2), Compression Paddles (Smart Paddle System), Magnification Package, Digital Image Receptor, LORAD HTC Anti-Scatter Grid, Grid Auto Retractor Mechanism for Geometric Magnification Views, 2560 X 3328 and 3328 x 4096 Image Matrix, 70.5m Pixel Size, Acquisition Station with UNIX Based Platform Sun Solaris 8 Operating System, 4GB Memory, 120GB Hard Drive, Temporary Storage for 2,500 Images, CDRW For Temporary Image Archiving In DICOM Part 10 Format, High Brightness 20-Inch Flat Panel Display, Keyboard, Trackball & Bar Code Reader, All Required QA/QC Phantoms .


Instrumentarium Alpha IQ

Gantry Model: MGF-110 ,Tube: Varian B-112/M113, Glass Shield, 2 Accessory Stands, Manuals, 4×9 Paddle, Performed Biopsy Paddle, Magn 1.6 18×24 spot paddle code 31555, 24×30 & 18×24 paddle, Lazer Light Model 101B, Open Biopsy paddle, small spot paddle, 18×24 Bucky MGBS-200D, 24×30 Bucky MGBL 200D, Mag Stand, Foot Pedal, ID Flasher.


Lorad Affinity

2007 System. Used in Low Volume Clinic, Tube and Generator Replaced, Well Maintained and Includes All Optional Accessories and Full Set of Mammo Cassettes. Available now.


Lorad Affinity PARTS Unit

PARTS UNIT. Unit Acquired in 2007 and never Installed. Missing X-ray Tube and Generator. Complimentary Parts Still in Original Boxes and Include Bucky Tray, Compression Paddles, Mag Table, Ampertures, Coned Downs and Loc Kits.


Siemens Inspiration

2009 Model. Full-Field Digital Mammography, NEW Detector in 2011. Available Now.


Siemens Mammomat 1000

2000 Model, Fully Functional, Optimized Imaging Parameters, X-ray tube with Molydbedum Anode, High Resolution. Excellent Images Quality. Available now.



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