Medical System Description Modality

GE Proteus XR/a

2001 Model. Jedi 65kW Self-Calibrating Generator, Touch Screen Console with Anatomical Programming, Elevating 4 way Floating Table, Overhead Tube Crane, Auto-Collimation, Front and Rear Positioning Pedal Controls with Safety Lock, Anti-Collision Sensor with Alarm, LCD Color High Resolution Touch Screen, Proteus Wall Stand with AEC (Auto Exposure Control), Available Now.

Rad Room

GE Innova 2000

2001 Model. Combination, Single Plane, Generator Model: MP-PH4 MA:5.5 kVp: 120, Floor Mounted C-Arm, Floor Mounted Table, Advantx Digital System, 20x20cm Detector, X-Ray Tube Replaced 3/22/13, 2 Monitors, Under Full OEM Service. Available August 2014

Specials Room

Philips Integris CV12

Philips Integris CV12 Cath/Angio Room.Optimus Super CP Generator, Ceiling Mounted Positioner, Floor Mounted Stepping AngioDiagnost Table, VISUB 7.2.3, MRC 05/08 Tube (Replaced March 2011), XTV-17 Image Chain, 12′ Quad Mode II,3 Suspended Monitors in Room, Vascular Packages. System is Fully Function and is in Excellent Condition.

Specials Room

ADAC Vertex

Dual Head SPECT, Cardiac and Variable-Angle For All General Imaging. With 2-MEGP & 2-LEHR Collimators, Dual Monitor Genesys Workstation, Pegasys Workstation, Electronic Rack with Genesys Image Aquisition CPU and Pegasys Image Processing CPU, 2.3 GB Optical Drive for Archiving, Panasonic Color Printer. Software Options; PEG to PEG Transfer, Global Q, Auto-Spect+ and Auto-Quant+ for Cardiac, General Nuclear Software (Loaded With All Available Options!). Analog w/upgrade 4 years ago, Processor/Dual Mono, Auto Collimator Exchanger (REBUILT and TESTED 2007). Currently Working Staged In Our Facility. In-Stock and ready to ship! SERIAL #: 9310030.

SPECT System

Digirad 2020TC

Digirad 2020tc Imager is compact, high performance, portable gamma camera for nuclear medicine imaging using established procedures to study organ function and anatomy. Solid-state detection technology, and the incorporation of miniaturized semiconductor electronics, enables the 2020tc to have a thinner and lighter weight head that permits imaging all the way to the edge of the camera head. Procedures that require the imager head to be positioned extremely close to the body can be performed with ease. The solid-state technology of the 2020tc represents a revolutionary approach to nuclear medicine gamma cameras. The 2020tc primary features include: · Excellent image quality · Excellent productivity · Smaller size and increased mobility · Increased ease of use · Solid-state reliability and associated lower life cycle costs · Comprehensive software package and connectivity Unlike conventional gamma cameras weighing over 3000 pounds, the 2020tc weighs only 425 pounds. This enables nuclear medicine studies to be performed in expanded clinical locations such as a physician’s office, bedside in a patient exam room, or in an emergency room. No room modifications for size and weight are necessary. Collimator Options All collimators are hex-hole cast lead. Low Energy All-Purpose (LEAP) – parallel-hole collimator suitable for most studies like Tc-99m planar and SPECT imaging, minimum sensitivity 250 cps/mCi for Tc-99m.

SPECT System

GE Vivid 3 Pro

Color Doppler, Vascular and Cardiac. Software version 3.6. Software Options: Patient Archive, AMM, ATO, OB MA. Transducer: 3S Cardiac. Other Transducers can be added. Excellent working condition.



Demo Model: BTO-12 with NEW Transducers (Call for configuration). Available Now.


Schick AccuDexa

1998 Model. Portable, Table-top, AccuDexa BMD DEXA Assessment System. Uses non-dominant ring finger. Last Service December 2013.

Bone Densitometer

OEC 6600

1999 Model. 4-Inch Image Intensifier. Available Now


OEC 7700

Dual Monitors, Tri-Mode 9″/6€/4.5€ Image Intensifier , 1,000 Image Storage, LIH-Last Image Hold, Fluoro Boost, ESP-Expanded Surgical Package, CINE, One Shot Frame Integration, Edge Enhancement, Image Reversal, Auto Windowing, MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction, Patient Annotation Keyboard, Thermal Printer. Available Now.


OEC 9600

Refurbished/Remanufactured in 1999 with NEW X-Ray Tube, Image Intensifier and Monitors. Very nice condition. Ready to ship.


OEC 9600

1994 Model. 9-Inch Image Intensifier, Rev 12, GSP, Vascular (4FPS), In Great Working Order. Available Immediately.


OEC 9800

12″ Image Intensifier. Extended Surgical Package, Dual Monitors, Tri-Mode 6/9/12″ Image Intensifier, 200 Image Storage, LIH-Last Image Hold, Road Mapping, DSA-Digital Subtraction Angiography, Dicom 3.0, Fluoro Boost, Sharpen Function, Gamma Correction, Sony Printer, 2GB Jazz Drive, MARS, Patient Annotation Keyboard, Edge Enhancement. Available Now.


Siemens Siremobile 2000

1994 Model. Dual Monitors, Dual 9/6 Inch Image Intensifier, Fluoro Boost, Memoskop 100 Image Storage, Last Image Hold, Road Mapping, Matrix Camera, Sony UP-910 Thermal Printer.


GE HiSpeed CT/i

1997 Model. Single-Slice Helical, New Tube December 2010, Scan/Seconds on Tube: 37,000, Software Options: 3D, Reformat, Power, Smart Beam, Smart Prep, Connect Pro, Generator Size: 30kW, Workstation Included. Available June 30, 2014.

CT Scanner

GE Lightspeed VCT 64

With 2013 NEW X-ray Ttube, connect pro, direct 3d, mpr, data export, smart score pro, cardiq snapshot, ekg viewer. Available Immediately

CT Scanner

Picker PQ-2000S

1994 Model. 8MHU Tube Replaced in 2010, Tube Slice Count only 43K, Air Cooled Gantry, 80kW Generator, Helical Scanning 0.5 Seconds per Rotation, Single Console, DICOM, Regulus Computer, Independent Workstation Included, Serviced by Phillips.

CT Scanner

Siemens Syngo CT workstation

Model Number 10143560I, Serial Number YKTJ017042. Call for more details.

CT Scanner

Toshiba Asteion 4

Four-Slice Scanner. Currently has 180,000 Scan Seconds on 2010 X-ray Tube. Less than 750,000 Total Scan Seconds on System. Multi-slice technology dramatically improves diagnostic efficacy of exam.Simultaneous acquisition of 4-slice images during a single rotation increase image resolution so smaller lesions can be detected. Decreased motion artifacts with single breath-hold scanning.Clearer anatomical visualization for improved tissue evaluation. 3/4-second rotation scanning and contrast tracking so patients spend less time on the table and require less contrast. 3D reconstruction of images for improved radiological assessment. More Info to come. Available Now.

CT Scanner

Fuji ClearView Aspire 1M

Digital CR for Mammography. Single-Slot Reader for Mammo and Conventional X-ray. With IIP Work Station, Barcode Reader, Livingston Box. Comes with (2) 18 x 24 mammo cassettes (2) 24 x 30 mammo cassettes. Available Now.



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