Medical System Description Modality

Philips Integris H5000C

1997 Model Cath Lab, Ceiling Mounted Single Plane Positioner, 9″ Image Intensifier, Optimus Generator, VISUB, XTV-16 Image Chain, MRC 200 05/08 Tube, Fully Functional.

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Philips Integris V5000C

1998 Mode. Optimus Generator, Ceiling Mounted Single Plane Positioner, 12″ Image Intensifier, AngioDiagnost Table, VISUB, Cardiac Software, XTV 16 Image Chain, MRC Tube, Flat Panel Monitor, Fully Functional.

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GE Ventri

2008 Model. 8×12 Field of View, 56 Head PM Tube, Low Energy/High Resolution Computer, Originial Crystal, Collimator Cart, EG Gate. Available Now.

SPECT System

MIZUHO OSI Jackson 5803

Orthopedic Table System, 2008 Model, Radiolucent Imaging Top 500lbs, Equipment Cart, Traction Boots with Swivel Plates, Spider Limp Positioner.


Aloka Prosound Alpha 7

2009 Model. Version 5.01, Model ST-CV, Options: EU-9119, Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), TDI (M), TDI (B), TDI Analysis, TDI Stream, Free Angular M Mode, DICOM, Real Time Doppler Autotrace, Pulse By Pulse, Extended Field of View, E-Flow, Trapezoid View.


ATL Apogee CX 100

PARTS ONLY: Color Doppler, Revision 3.2 Software. 2.75MHz (Cardiac, Abdominal), 7.5MHz (Small Parts/Carotid/Peripheral Vascular), 2.0MHz CW PED-OFF Probe, Sony SV-9500MD SVHS VCR.


ATL HDI 3000

Vascular, Echo, Transducers: L10-5, P3-2, Available Now.


GE Logiq 200 Pro

1 GE Logiq 200 Pro Ultrasound MOD 2270969, S/N 99051SM5, DOM 5/08 1 MZT 6.5 MHz Transducer MOD P9603MB, S/N 78905WP7, DOM 4/08 1 3Cb Transducer MOD 2247825, S/N 16871YP6, DOM 4/08 1 Monitor 1 Power Cable 1 Single Pedal Footswitch


GE Logiq 5 Pro

2008 Model. Software Ver: R4.0.6, BT05, PRO-View, DICOM. Transducers: 3.5C, E8C. Sony UP-D897 Printer.


GE Logiq 7

2008 Model. Software Ver: R8.o.o, Build View: pegasus_L7_R8, Permanent Options; Basic, Dicom, LogiqView, CrossBeam, PFD, SRI, BT07, Transducers: GE 9L (2008), GE M12L (2004 Remanufactured 2013), Printer: Sony B/W UP-D89, Also Includes LCD Monitor, and DVD RW.


GE Logiq-i Portable

2007 Model. BT07, Options: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Small Parts, Transducers: E8C-RS, 12L-RS, 4C-RS, 8L-RS.


GE Vivid 3 Expert

Color Doppler, Software Version 3.6, Options: Patient archive, AMM. Transducer :3S Cardiac. Excellent working condition. Refurbished by GE. Available now.


GE Vivid 5

Color Doppler, Echo Pack, 2.5 sector, 3.5 to 5.0 multifrequency, 6T 4 to 8MHz, P2D CW, 10mhz sector & TEE 5mhz multiplane Transducers.


GE Vivid 7

2005 Model. Printer: Sony B/W UP-D897, VCR: Mitsubishi MD3000, Power Cord, DVD RW


GE Volusion 730 Pro V

2008 Model. Software Ver: V730Pro V, DICOM, 2L-Key, BT Activation, Transducers: GE SP10-16, GE RAB4-8L, GE RIC5-9W, Printer: Sony B/W UP-897MD, Power Cord. DVD/CD RW,


GE Voluson 730 Expert

Color Doppler with 3D/4D Imaging, Expert Level BT05/5.0.1. Version 1.4.2. Transducers Include: GE AB2-7 Wide-Band Convex, RAB2-5L Linear Transducer, and RIC5-9H 4D Endovaginal. Available Now!


GE Voluson E6

2009 Model. Software Ver: E6 D 9.0.4, Advanced 4D, DICOM, High Performance Cine Memory, Advanced SRI, SonoVCAD Heart, Anatomical M-Mode, BT Activation. Transducers: AB2-7-D, RAB2-5-D, GE RIC5-9-D, Printer: Sony B/W UP-D897, Operators Manual, DVD/CD RW.


GE Voluson-i

2010 Model. Software: Voluson i B, Permanent Options: 3D/4D Expert, DICOM 3, Vocal II, BT Activation, Transducers: GE RAB2-5-RS, GE RIC5-9W-RS, Printer: Sony B/W UP-D897, Other Accessories: Manual, Power Cord, DVD/CD RW, 8 inch LCD Monitor, Voluson Station Cart, Power Supply & Power Cord, HP Officejet H470 Printer with Bluetooth


Medison Accuvix XQ

Digital Premium System features 4D Imaging, Multi-Beam Technology, Scanning Modes: 2D, B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Flow, Pulsed Wave, and Power Doppler. Volume Scanning Modes: Medison 3D, Volume Contrast Imaging, 3D Power Doppler, and Live3D, 1024 Channel Full Digital System, 2GB Windows Operating System, Multi-Beam and Full Spectrum Imaging, Harmonic and Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging, Static 3D, Free-hand 3D, 6.4 inch Color Touch Panel, Sonoview II Image Management Software Level: 1.08.01, SonoAtlas Education Software, Comprehensive Software, Annotation, Calculations, Report Packages Supporting Obstetrical, Gynecological, Vascular, and General Imaging Applications. Transducers: 3D4-7EK, 3D5-8EK, C2-6IM, Sony UP-897MD.


Medison SA 8000

Colr Doppler, Software Level: 1.53.08, Sony UP-890MD, Transducers: 3-7 Convex 2D, 4-9 Endocavity 2D.



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