Medical System Description Modality

Siemens Biograph 6 Mobile

2002 Model, Housed in a 2004 AK Specialty Trailer. With NEW DURA 422-MV Tube in 2010, Chiller Included, 50kW Generator, Single Console, PET Syngo 5.1.4 and 6.0 SWL Windows. Under Continuous Service by Siemens. 2004 AK Specialty Trailer with Two (2) Popouts. Available August 2014.


Siemens Biograph Duo PET/CT

2004 Model. Biograph 2 PET/CT Mobile Scanner housed in a AK Specialty Trailer. Isolation Transformer, PS Innovations PET Gantry, PET/CT Phoenix Gantry, PET/CT Patient Handling System 2004, Siemens Biograph 2 High-Powered Medical Imaging Platform, Two (2) Isolation Chairs with Hot Radiology Lab, AK Specialty Vehicles 48′ x 102′ Wide Trailer, Two (2) Slide outs, Premium Tires, Intercom System, 100kW Kohler Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch, Fire Detection System, Sound Reduction Housing, Hot Lab Cabinet Shielding. Available Now.


GE Discovery ST4 Mobile

Mobile PET/CT. 2D and 3D PET with Diagnostic CT, Integrated Gantry Containing Slip Ring Design CT X-ray and Multi-Slice Detector, Dunlee Tube Installed 2012, Patient Handling System, High Speed Acquistion Electronics and PET Image Reconstruction Patient Imaging TAble w/ Extended Dual Patient Scan Range PET/CT, GE Power Distribution Unit, Powerware Uninterruptible Power Supply, 2 Injection Chairs w/ Hot Radiology Lab, GE RIP Chassis Octane Server, Xeleris HP xw5000 Workstation, PET Host HP xw8000 workstation, 3 Flat Screen Monitors, Codonics Horizon Multi-media Imager, HP Stand Alone CPU and Brother Printer, Specialty Vehicle Features: GE Discovery ST PET/CT Mobile System, 2003 Landoll Corp 48’x102′ Wide Trailer, Two (2) Slideouts, Premium Tires, Intercom System, Automatic Transfer Switch, Fire Detection System Handicap Accessible Lift gate, Kohler 100kW Generator in Sound Reduction Housing, Emergency Lighting, Alarm System, Dual External AC units. Available Now.


Siemens Biograph Duo Mobile

2004 Model, PET/CT Mobile Scanner, Scanning Unit Integrated PET/CT Gantry, ECAT Accel Multi-LSO-Detector Ring System w/ 3D Acquisition and Reconstruction, 47 Image Planes, 16.2cm Axial Field View, Full Range of Multi-spiral Slices, CPS Innovation, PET/CT Patent Handling System, 3 Fujitsu Siemens PC Operational System, Condonics Imager Large Format, Isolation Transformer, Water Recirculator/Cooler, 2004 Landoll Corp 48’x102′ Wide Trailer, 2 Slideouts, Intercom System, Automatic Transfer Switch, Fire Detection System, Handicap Accessible Lift Gate, Kohler 100kW Generator, Digital Leveling Indicators, Emergency Lighting, Alarm System, Dual External AC Units. Available now.


Siemens Biograph-6 MOBILE

2009 Model, MOBILE PET/CT. 6-Slice, ACR Accredited, New X-ray Tube in 2013, Medrad Power Injector, All Current Upgrades by Siemens, Syngo Viewer Software and Licenses, Currently under Siemens Silver Service. Please call for more details.


GE Precision 500D

2006 Model, 12″ Image Intensifier, Floor Mounted Tube, Wall Bucky, 90/15 Precision 500D Table, PSC2 Digital, Workstation Included, Available June-July.

R&F Room

Philips Easy Diagnost Eleva

2005 Model. Late Model Analog R&F Room, 80kW High Frequency Generator, 4-Way Float and Elevating Table, 90° Table Tilt, Overhead X-ray Tube (ROT 360), Undertable Tube (ROT 360), 15-Inch Image Intensifier, Software Revision is 3.1.4. Currently Under Phillips Service Contract. Available July 2014.

R&F Room

Siemens Axiom Luminos TF

2007 Digital Fluoroscopy Room with 18 inch flat screen displays, Single and series acquisitions. Generator Polydoros SX 65, Pulsed Fluoroscopy, DICOM. Available Now!!

R&F Room

Siemens Axiom Aristos MX/VX

2003 Model. Overhead Radiographic System with Flat Panel Detector (2007). Available now.

Rad Room

Shimadzu UD 150B-30

2004 Model. Remote Control Shimadzu Radiographic Fluroscopic X-Ray Room. Available Now.

Remote Room

Philips Integris CV9

2003 Philips Integris CV9 Cath Lab,. Deinstalled. Available Now

Specials Room

Digirad 2020

With SPECTour Chair, Single Head, LEAP Collimator, Sequanta Acquisition Station, Prominence Processing Computer, N Speed Software. Available now.

SPECT System

GE Logiq 5 Pro

2005 Model. Transducers: 3.5C, 10L, E8CS, Sony B/W Printer UP-895MDW. Available Now.


GE Logiq e

2010 Model. Color Doppler, Portable Laptop-Style Ultrasound. Software Version R6.0.3. Options Include: LOGIQView, Easy3D, Spatial Compounding, BSteer+. Transducers: GE 12L-RS. Others may be added. Call for Quotation.


GE Logiqbook XP

REFURBISHED 2014. Colorflow Doppler, DVD/CD Burner, Software Version XP-R2.2.1, Options: Basic, ColorFlow, Doppler, Reporting. Transducers: 3C-RS (2-5MHz Convex Abdominal and OB-GYN), 8L-RS (4.0-10.0MHz Linear Array for Vascular Small Parts), E8C-RS (4-10MHz Trans-Vaginal OB). Manuals, XP Cart, Sony Paper Printer, DVD/CD-RW Burner. Available Now.


GE Vivid S5

2008 Model. Color Doppler, with Flat-Panel LCD Monitor. Cardio Vascular, Stress Echo, MPEGvue, SmartDepth, Anatomical M -Mode, ATO_ASO, Almog. Transducers: 3S-RS Transducer, ECG Leads. Available now.


GE Voluson 730 Pro V

2008 Model. 3D/4D Color Doppler. Transducers: AB2-7, RAB4-8L, RIC5-9W, Sony B/W UP-897MD Printer, Sony DVO-1000MD DVD-Burner. Available now.


Philips Envisor HD

2003 Model. Software Version A.1.2, Advanced DICOM Advanced, Vascular, OB/GYN, General Imaging, Cardiac. Sony UP-890MD Printer, Sony UP-D21MD Color Printer. Three (3) Transducers: E6509, C3540, L1038. Available now.


Siemens Sonoline G20

2008 Model. Transducers: Abdominal C5-2 & Trans-Vaginal EC9-4, Mitsubishi P91 Printer.


Terason T3200

Brand New Laptop Ultrasound System. 15L4 Broadband Multi Frequency Linear Array Transducer. Available now.



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