Medical System Description Modality

OEC 9400

Dual Monitors, 6/9″ Image Intensifier (NEW in 1996), 60 Image Store, Fluoro-Boost, Last Image Hold, Matrix Camera. Great Condition.


OEC 9400

1992 Model. Unit in Excellent Condition, Refurbished in 2008. Available Now.


OEC 9600

9/6/4.5″ Tri-mode Image Intensifier, Rotating Anode X-ray Tube, 0.3mm and 0.6mm Focal Spots, High Resolution CCD TV Camera, Dual 16″ 525 Line, Flicker-free Monitors, Expanded Surgical Platform w/200 Image Storage, Last Image Hold, 16 Image Collage, 3.5″ Removable Disk w/6 Image Storage. Available Immediately.


OEC 9600

1996 Model. 12 inch Image Intensifier, ESP Package. Available Now.


Philips BV-Libra

Tri-Field 9/6/4″ Image Intensifier, Dual Monitors, Extended Processing Package, Last Image Hold, 3 Frame Cine Disk, CCD Camera, Zoom, Smart Mask, Edge Enhancement, Laser Aimer, CD Burner, Keyboard. Available Now.


Siemens Compact L Vascular

Demo model! Like New Condition! SONY Printer. Call for more details!


Toshiba Asteion 4 Slice

2002 Toshiba CT Asteion Multislice 48KW, 4 Slice Software version V2.02*R002, Model TSX-021A, High Voltage Generator mod CXX-009A, Ct Gantry Mod# CGGT-015A Power Conditioner. Unit has 3D, MPR and Cardiac Options. Cosmetically good, completely functional, image quality is good. All Operator documentation, Phantoms, holders, etc. are included.

CT Scanner

Liebel Flarsheim Angiomat 6000

Digital Injector, Head on Rolling Stand, Control Remote, Cables Included, OEM Service, Excellent Condition. SER.# 3703-0324. In-Stock.


GE 800T

High Frequency; .1 & .3 Focal Spots, Large & Small Buckys; 1.5 & 1.8 Magnification, Phototimed, Automatic Compression, Glass Shield, 18×24 & 24×30. Seven (7) Units In-Stock.


Esaote E-Scan Opera

2007 Extremity MRI with Shielding. 0.2T System for Kness, Wrists, Shoulders, Hands, Feet, Elbow.


Hitachi Airis-I

0.3T Permanent Magnet, Software Level 7.0, FSE, MRA, 3D, Coils: CSP, Small Flex Body, Med. Flex Body, XLG Flex Body, TMJ, Knee, Extremity, Pelvis.


Philips Duo Diagnost

Digital RF and Tomo System, 2000 model, Free arm Fluoroscopy with Unique 2 in 1 solution, Digital Remote control, Universal Bucky eliminates 2nd tube, Performs all Radiography procedures including lateral and Thorax. also performs barium, iodine urological and nonvascular inerventions. Can perform exposures on trauma beds and wheel chairs, Variable speed control on II column and table, The digital system allows user to view, access and diagnose immediately, 250 APRs (anatomical programming), Rear side accessibility, Lower room space and installation costs then old style conventional units, Auto collimation both bucky and fluoro. slit light positioning laser. System includes: Column; (+/- 35 Deg, SID 105 cm coupled, variable in uncoupled mode, floor and wall fixed, Tube is +/-90 deg vert and +/-180deg horizontal), Table; tilt +90/-15, 220 X 69 X 94cm, 230cm Transvers travel, 350lb capacity (460lbs horizontal), Bucky device; takes all standard cassettes, 18X24 to 43X43, Auto cassette sensing, grid 36L/cm, SID 106cm, Xray generation; fully integrated, 50kw, High Freq, Auto comp, AED, Auto dose rate control, tube overload protection. Tube is 150 kv w/ 300 khu capacity , Operating control; fully integrated control room interface, Image Intensifier; Trimode, up to 15″ or 38cm, Digital X-ray Imaging; Fluoro and fluoro applications. auto image acpuisition, processing and display, 1024X512. Stores 5000 images, 3 images/sec, Last image hold, collimation on last image hold, Fluoro grabbing, Interface to video ptr etc., Tomography; 40/20/8 deg of linear movement. Sweep times selectable for each angle. SID=106cm, Layer eight 0-23cm, TV Chain; CCD camera, Auto dose rate control, Auto gain, Contour enhancement, 9mhz bandwidth, 17″monitor, 400V 3ph, 50/60 hz, 6.8kW, Standard Room dims recommended: 5.5 X 4.5 X 2.6 (LWH) meters including remote desk and wall bucky, Layout specifications and photos available.

R&F Room

GE Innova 4100

GE Innova 4100 Digital Angio Suite.Innova 100kW Generator, Innova LC Floor Mounted Positioner, Motorized Omega V Angiographic Table, Tableside Controls, InRoomBrowser, StenosisAnalysis, LeftVentricalAnalysis, Cardiac, Spin, InnovaChase, Innova3D, InnovaCT 40cm Digital Flat Panel Detector, (2) 18″ LCD Monitors w/Monitor Suspension MX 160A X-Ray Tube, Innova Angiographic Collimator, Innova Dl Digital Imaging Subsystem, Vessel Analysis Package.

Specials Room

ATL HDI-5000

1998 ATL 5000 Excellent appearance and condition, Software Rev Level 127.13, DICOM Compliant, Doppler, Color Doppler, Transducers L12-5 50mm and L12-5 38mm. In Stock! Serial #: 00X06N.



Color Harmonics, SONO-CT, THI, MOD, CPA TSI, Shared Service, DVS (Digital Video Streaming); P4-2 Cardiac, C8-5 Abdominal, D27 Ped-Off Transducers, B&W Printer, VCR, Available Immediately!


ATL/Philips HDI 5000 SonoCT

High Resolution, Colorflow Doppler Imaging System, Broadband Phased Array, Linear & Curved array, Harmonic Imaging, Extended Signal Processing (ESP), Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI), 3D Color Power Angio (CPA), Power Motion Imaging (PMI) & Chroma Imaging (Triplex steered spectral PW Doppler & Hi-Q analysis), M-Mode, Cine & Zoom (ROIOB & Vascular calcs/reports software, SVHS recorder (integrated). Options include SONO CT , Software version 200.24, 2D Auto Optimization, DICOM Scaling, Vascular, Peripheral, GYN/FERT, OB, Abdomen, Small Parts, Prostrate, Pediatrics, CerebroVasc, Musculosketal, Card CSI. With Musculosketal Transducer L12-5 Linear Array, Sony UP-21MD Color Video Printer.


Biosound Caris

July 2001, Great Portable System in MINT Condition! Cardiac/Vascular: 7.5MHz Vascular and a 3.5/5.0MHz Cardiac Transducer. !


H/P Sonos 2000

Color Doppler, B.1.1 Software with Integrated Stress, Cardiac, Vascular, 2.5/2.0MHz Cardiac, 7.5/5.5MHz Vascular Transducers, ! S/N 3550A02284.


GE AMX 110

Older Portable X-Ray in Good Condition. Call For More Details.



Portable X-Ray, Manufactured 1991, Remanufactured 2005 by GE Goldseal. Available. Now.



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