Medical System Description Modality

Toshiba Titan 1.5T

2012 Model, High Field 1.5T WIDEBORE MRI, Water Distribution Panel, DVD Ram Drive, DICOM Storage, DICOM O/R SCP Unit, Video Fader, 17cm LCD Monitor for ECG, Neuro Package, Body Vision and DTI Package for Vantage, Atlas Spine Coil, Atlas/Titan Head/Cervical Coil, Titan Body Coil, 4 Ch Flex Speeder Coil, DICOM MPPS SCU Unit, Gating Waveform LCD Display, Peripheral Pulse Gating, Respiratory Gating, Cardiac Gating Unit, Shoulder Speeder Coil, Circular Flex Coil 200MM, Circular Flex Coil 100MM, XL Array Knee Coil, Circular Flex Coil 150MM, Circular Flex Coil 70MM, ASGC for Titan without High Order Shim, MVASCULAR Package, QD Head Coil, 16 Ch Flex Speeder Medium Coil, OPAL-RAD System Software with Unlimited Web Licenses, Available July 2014.


Philips Juno DRF

2013 Model. Digital Remote System, 65kW Generator, 17″x17″ Flat Panel CSI Detector for both Fluoroscopy and Radiography, SID of up to 1980cm, 30 Frames per Second Dynamic Frame Rate, Up to 15 Pulses per Second Pulsed Fluoroscopy, Stitching Function Allows for the Acquisition of 3 Images Automatically. Available Aug/Sep 2014

R&F Room

Summit Innovet x-Ray

Innovet X-ray Generator Radiographic System.

Rad Room

GE Advantx-E

Digital Angiographic Suite. 2010 X-ray Tube, Vascular, Available July. Call for more details.

Specials Room

Philips Allura Bi-Plane

Philips Allura 12/15 Bi Plane Angio Suite, 15″ Image Intensifier on Floor Stand & 12″ Image Intensifier on LAT Plane, AngioDiagnost 5 Table, 100 KW 3-Phase Generator, VISUB, XTV17 Image Chain, MedRad Injector, Ceiling Suspended Monitors, System is Fully Functional and Currently in Clinical Use.

Specials Room

Philips Integris Allura

Single-Plane, Vascular, Cardio, Cath and Angio Lab with 15-Inch Image Intensifier, Diagnost 5-Tilt Table. System Available Immediatly.

Specials Room


2010 Model, Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound. Software Ver: LOGIQ e R6.0.3, BT11_Build. Basic, LOGIQView, Easy3D, SpatialCompounding, BSteer+. Transducers include GE 12L-RS. Available Now.


GE Logiq P3

2009 Model. Software Ver: R1.0.3, BuildView: LOGIQ_Expert_View, Permanent Options: Basic, Dicom, Transducers: GE 4C & GE E8CS, Sony B/W UP-D8907 Printer,


GE Logiq P5 Premium

2009 Model, Software Ver: R3.0.1, BT09_view, DICOM, CrossBeam, SRI, 4D, Easy3D, Transducers Include 4C & E8C. Sony UP-D897 Printer. Available now.


GE Logiq P5 Premium

2011 Model. Software Ver: R4.0.3, BuildView: shadow_Arirang_BT11_view, Permanent Options: Basic, DICOM, LOGIQView, BFlow, Easy3D, AnatomicalM, CrossBeam, SRI, RepDesigner, PDF, Accessories: Sony B/W UP-D897 Printer, Swivel Monitor Arm, Transducers: GE 4C & GE E8C.


GE Venue 40

2010 Model. Software Ver: R1.1.1, Hardware Ver: UBoot v2_6, Permanent Options: Basic, Musculoskeletal Pakage, AnesthesiaPreset, MSKPreset, ColorPDI, 4CSpecializedPreset, Transducers: 4C-SC & 12L-SC, Other Accessories: Stylus, Docking Cart & Power Cord, SD Card, Sony Printer B/W UP-D897



Portable Ultrasound. 2011 Model, BTO-11, NEW Transducers: RAB4-8RS (4-8.5MHz Abdominal) and E8C RS (4-10MHz Trans-Vaginal). Available Now.


GE Voluson 730 Pro

2010 Model, Software Ver: V730Pro A, Real Time 4D, DICOM, Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging, SRI II, VCI, SRI, STIC, BT Activation. Transducers: GE 4C-A, GE RAB4-8L, GE RIC5-9W. Sony Printer B/W UP-897MD.


GE Voluson E6

2010 Model, Software Ver: Voluson E6 D, Advanced 4D, Dicom, High Performance Cine Memory, Advance SRI, SonoVCAD Heart, Anatomical M-Mode, BT Activation. Transducers: GE RAB4-8-D, GE RIC5-9-D. Sony Printer B/W UP-D897. Available now.


GE Voluson E8

2008 Model. Software Version E8A, Options: Real Time 4D, DICOM, BT Activation, Transducers: 11L-D, 4C-D, RAB4-8-D, RIC5-9-D, Printers: Sony UP-D897, Sony Color UP-D23MD, Sony DVO-1000MD DVD Burner. Available now.



NEW, BTO-11 with Two (2) Transducers: RAB4-8RS (Abdominal) and E8C-RS (Trans-Vaginal). Available Now.


Medison 8000LV

2009 Model. Excellent Condition, 256 Channels, Digital Priemium Ultrasound Software, Transducers: VDW5-8B 3D Vaginal, PB-AXC3-7EP 3-7MHz Convex.


Mindray DC-7

2012 Model. Convex Abdominal (C5-2), Trans-Vaginal (V10-4), Sony UP-D897 B&W Printer. Call for more details.


Philips HD11 XE

2009 Model, XRES, SonoCT, Color 4D Imaging, 4D Imaging Package, 4D Hardware Kit, Cardiac Software Application, General Imaging Software Application, OB/GYN Software Application, Vascular Software Application, Shared Service Clinical Option, Physio Module, DICOM Networking, DICOM, Cartridge Connector Kit, Explora Connector, B&W USB PrinterTransducers: V6-2 Broadband Curved Array, C5-2 Broadband Curved Array, C8-4v Endovaginal Curved Array, L12-5 50mm Broadband Linear Array.


Philips HD7 XE

2009 Model. Rev: 2.0.1, OB/GYN Software Application, iSCAN, HighQ, Pulse Inversion, Cartridge Connector, Explora Connector, B/W USB Printer, Transducers: C5-2, C8-4v.



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